The Radical Wisdom of a Child

I have to admit that when it comes to being what some would consider a “progressive parent” I probably don’t win any awards. Sure, I try to teach my kids the importance of Christian love, charity, social justice, etc.. However, I sleep pretty soundly at night, even after hearing my son tell me he killed 45 people with direct “head shots” on the XBOX.

I also am guilty, along with a great many other parents throughout the history of Western Civilization, of assuming that my children are not really all that interested or attuned to what is going on in the world. So when my son asked me the other day if we can attend the “March for Our Lives” gathering in Washington D.C. to protest gun violence, I was a little surprised.

As a Father I try to be very small (d) democratic. For all my parents neo-conservatism I always appreciated their Laissez Faire approach to their kid’s social and political beliefs. I always promised that I would do the same when I had kids. So when my son expressed his desire to attend I was unsure how to think about this. Is he really concerned about gun violence? Does he want to go because a famous you tuber or reality star will be there? Am I a bad Dad because I never talked about my personal beliefs on gun control? Should I create a PowerPoint and go through the pros and cons of gun control policy? Should I share with him Jesus statements on non-violence? Should I just calm down and be “normal”?

Like so many things in my life I couldn’t shake a desire to explore this with my son in greater depth. I immediately summoned him an asked him his views on things like poverty, war, racism, and the chances of Loyal Chicago winning the NCAA Championship. His response, all kidding aside, was very simple. He explained that “anything happening to me that will make me sad, scared, or upset is something we should make the President work on. The President needs to make bad things stop so that people can have good lives.”

My son is not part of the 44% of millennial youth who told researchers they would prefer living in a “Socialist Society.” He isn’t old enough to have had a wiled eyed lefty professor like me influence his worldview (in a bit of interesting information, in the study where 44% of students expressed a desire for Socialism over Capitalism, the majority stated that their views were not influenced at all by their college professors or teachers.). My son is an expression of what Christ tried to teach us so long ago when in Matthew 21:16 he told the Disciples “From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise”

We should listen to our children more. We should learn from their wisdom. We should imitate Christ teachings when he said we “should be like little children” when we seek to enter the peace which passes all understanding. Their wisdom could change the world.






Walking by Faith Not by Sight!


This blog is a step of faith. I always thought of myself as a “writer”, however, I haven’t really ever written anything. Sure, I’ve written a billion papers from years as an undergrad, Masters, and Doctoral student, but they weren’t what I would consider to be real “writing.”

I define “real writing” as anything that someone who looks like they enjoy the films of Woody Allen would do to earn a living. Since I only slightly like Woody Allen, full disclosure I love ‘Midnight in Paris’ because its like a Freshman English Class come alive, I’ve never written anything that would garner someone to give me a dime for my written thoughts.

I started this blog because I think I have something to say. I know we all believe that our opinions matter and that our observations are so smart they should be shared with the world. What makes me different, at least I think this makes me different, is that I’m 32 years old, married with four kids, overly educated in the social sciences, underpaid, and still unable to shake the burning feeling that my opinions are worthy of being read by the masses. This blog is essentially a “participation trophy” that I hope to turn in to a “most improve award” as I try to leap start my “writing career.” It’s the product of a liberal, we are all winners, and you can do anything you put your mind to, public education system run amok on word press. I hope you enjoy!

I think what will make this blog different is that the narrator, aside from being chubby and handsome, is a bit of an odd duck. I describe myself as a thirty two year old Born Again Christian/Pacifist/Socialist/Budding Scholar/Wannabe Intellectual/Not So Progressive Father and Husband. My life as a “die-hard” Born Again Christian with a passion for the Frankfurt School, Marxist philosophy, daily scripture readings, and professional wrestling, make my opinions wide ranging (maybe).

This blog, like so many clichés is a result of the times we are living in. As someone that has a deep faith that dictates the minutiae of my life I feel like voices like mine are missing from the popular and not so popular mainstream/underground media. I think success for this blog will be sitting back and saying to myself “yea, I would read a blog like mine if I was a guy like me.”

Anyway, this is the launching point that will hopefully set the town for the many blog posts to come. Putting your thoughts out to the universe can be a scary act. You have to start somewhere so why not start now.